Who We Are

Miella Media is a latina-owned and founded by Bernadette Peña.

Who We Are

The story begins with a book, flowers, and a camera...

While reading about the life story of Frida Kahlo, Bernadette Peña’s granddaughter began to identify similarities between herself and the artist. She related to Frida’s eyebrows, her love for painting, and their shared experience living with a disability. Inspired by this moment, Peña dressed her granddaughter as Frida and watched as she beamed with confidence.

Peña founded Miella Media after finding minimal representation of diverse voices in children’s literature. Miella Media applies a multicultural and multigenerational approach to visual storytelling, cultivating cultural identity and literacy through authentic narratives. Nuestra Gente: A Tribute to Hispanic Innovators and Dreamers© and BRAVA Women © highlight the global contributions and historical narratives of the Latino/a/x community and Women of multicultural backgrounds.

Through the art of imagery, children portray the notable figures of yesterday and today, bridging the generations of trailblazers to the leaders of tomorrow, cultivating cultural identity and literacy, inspiring the development of voice and agency through heritage, language, and culture.

Peña’s exhibits have been hosted by libraries, colleges, and universities, primary and secondary schools, youth organizations, corporations and featured in various publications. Peña is committed to collaborating with civic organizations focused on equitable programming for underserved communities, individuals living with disabilities, and youth leadership development. Peña’s work centers on amplifying voices, encouraging all to celebrate diversity and embrace the story within.

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